Co-founded in 2011 by TY Zheng and Jason Song, ACRE operates from the industrial heartlands of Singapore. We are a multi-disciplinary design house focusing on branding, experience, space and product design.

Our methodology melds chaotic exploration and scientific refinement. Every idea proposed needs to pass through our own internal process of cognitive sense and functional aesthetics. This we believe will aid our clients in creating brands that possess cut-through, consistency and consumer recall.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Visual Identity
Interactive Design

Web Design
Interface Design
Editorial Design
Motion Graphics
Packaging Design
Service Design

Furniture Design
Product Design
Space Planning

The team

T Y Zheng

Co-Founder / Creative Director

T Y is an alumnus of Temasek Design School (Visual Communications). A self-professed “logical creative”, he expresses rationality for detail with an intuitive feel for aesthetics in his creations. After spending four years at Foreign Policy Design Group, T Y co-founded creative agency ACRE with Jason in 2011, and now serves as Creative Director. Don’t tell anyone, but he moonlights on the Jedi Council when Yoda is away.

Jason Song

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Jason Song founded the company in 2011. Since then, the agency continues to add to its number yearly. Formerly employed as a copywriter, Jason has a down to earth approach towards design. This contributes directly to ACRE’s core value, “Functional Aesthetics”. Personally involved in starting up a new tech company, BOB. Jason continues to explore the role branding plays in creating new brands as well as sustaining or reviving existing ones.